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Why Radinka


Radinka - noun, countable, only one on earth an IT service provider dedicates laser sharp focus competencies and its continual improvements in the function of it operation and technical management and the area of it service continuity

we consciously dream to rings each industry;s top tiers bells as IT Service Provider that pool sort of technical superiority, delivers breed of service timely, mitigates risk prudently and operates agilely

- delivering technical superiority
- Standing in customer's point of view
- Innovation and creativity

Grows trust and credibility from customers by delivering creative solutions by blending and representing services from world's top five technology leader


Deploys, integrates, Operates, Migrates
Our ingredients are rich experience and/or certified professional creative thingking customer oriented staff. We blend them and furnish selection of IT service to foster your operation

System Designing and Integration
Radinka's proficient engineer brings world's best practice, resiliency, scalability into quality solutions. Radinka's system integration service facilitates complex integration, disparate system to formintegrated ecosystem. We stands in customer's point of view in term of total cost of ownership thru proper design, speed of deployment and peaceful operation. When customers call Radinka, they can confidently expect proficient team in the area server, application, storage area network, virtualization, backup, disaster recovery and surveillance.

As new economy and competition dynamic are just two-side coin, business has to continually focus to its core to win the competition. When customer has Radinka as its partner, customer wolud be
- self-assured
- to focus on its core business objectives
- to reduce IT related cost
- to readily have highly skilled resources
- to elimates cost of hiring and training
- and to stimulate proven methodology and best practice into its IT operation

Management Consultancy
Our technical consultants provide exceptional solution based on lates technology practice adoption to solve customer's critical business issues. Creating value through management competencies would
- Help organization to be responsive by providing proper, versatile adn flexible solutions
- Innovate framework and methodology provides value-added services to the clients
Consulting solution offerings are access security consulting, IT service management consulting, business analysis consulting, migration and project management consulting.

When you demand Value, we strive to do it right the first time
you will recognize IT as you hear, " Yes. its done properly"