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IT Infrastructure

While IT Strategy determines what your information technology must accomplish in order to achieve your business objectives, it is the IT infrastructure that has the supporting role; because its capacity, reliability, and level of vulnerability directly impact your ability to implement successfully and ultimately reach objectives.













Our clients tell us one of the most valuable services we provide is the unbiased, professional assessment of their IT infrastructure and its ability to meet the needs of their businesses. We assess what’s available based on your needs, priorities, and budgets; and then we make recommendations according to what our experience suggests is the best fit for your organization. Ensuring that our sole intent is finding the best possible solution for you.

When it comes to infrastructure, we can help you identify the right combination of components for your business based on a range of criteria including; budget, scale, capacity, availability, level of security, IT operational procedures, redundancy requirements, staff competency, partners involved, etc. Our analysis will typically include higher and lower end alternatives to provide a range of options for your consideration so that you can be sure of selecting the best possible cost/benefit combination.

Some of the IT Infrastructure issues Data Perceptions consultants can help you identify, assess, and develop a plan for include:
• Hardware reliability
• Optimum lifecycle and process for replacing infrastructure
• Required Level of Redundancy
• Preferred platforms and operating systems
• Expanding and/or consolidating technologies in use
• Best system/function fit
• Integration with partners or across business units
• Capacity planning and monitoring
• Infrastructure monitoring and problem resolution procedures
• Infrastructure support
• Security
• Change control
• IT operational practices and procedures
• Staff competency
• Staff training and collaborative support
• Staff hiring and IT organizational structures and systems