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Regardless of your industry, company size, or the condition of your information, Recall can help streamline your important documents and materials by sorting, storing, archiving, indexing, retrieving, and delivering what you need with security and efficiency. ... READMORE




While information fuels the business engine, managing information correctly is a strategic opportunity to improve performance. Whether it’s scanning hard copies into electronic format and providing imaging storage, or implementing innovative processes to help you better manage your information, Recall provides a breadth of digitisation services and integrated solutions to support virtually every industry including financial, insurance, ... READMORE



Companies without a viable data protection or data loss contingency plan run the risk of not only suffering a major disruption, but in some cases, of closing down permanently. In fact, over 90 percent of organizations that experience a significant data loss are no longer in business two years later (University of London-Research Centre). ... READMORE



At the end of their lifecycle, you want obsolete materials to be disposed of to free up space. You want critical information to be securely and properly destroyed. You want to be cost-efficient, protected, compliant, and confident your information is handled responsibly, without question or concern. If it’s not, the implications can be devastating. ... READMORE