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Vision Solution

DoubleTake Availibility

Nothing disturbs the peace like server failure.
Double-Take Availability for Windows provides real-time high availability and immediate disaster recovery so you never have to worry about downtime or the lost revenue and chaos that ensue. ... READMORE


DoubleTake RecaveryNow

An up-to-the-minute copy of branch office data and applications can keep a bad day from getting worse. Double-Take® RecoverNow for Windows (formerly known as Double-Take Backup) protects entire servers continuously to disk, so you can rewind from an outage and fast forward through down time. ... READMORE


DoubleTake Cloud

Not every organization needs the hassle and expense of having their own DR data center.
Double-Take Cloud for Windows lets you backup and recover to and from the cloud with four layers of security so your information stays safe. The best part is you only use and pay for what you need. ... READMORE


DoubleTake Move

The last thing you want to do is spend your nights and weekends in the server room then face an angry mob provoked by migration downtime. Double-Take Move for Windows means simple, no-downtime physical and virtual migrations, no late nights or weekends, and no angry mobs. ... READMORE


DoubleTake Share

Does your organization need immediate access to mission critical data for competitive advantage?
Double-Take Share provides easy data sharing between databases in real time. Your business’ critical information can be shared between databases, applications, and platforms as rapidly as it becomes available, giving you the edge you need. Smarter data sharing means smarter business. ... READMORE