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IP Contact Center


What is IP Contact Center

Every day, millions of vital business interactions take place around the world, as contact centers interact with the organization’s clients and customers over the phone, via emails, chat and instant messaging. In this complex environment, the ongoing challenge is how to extract the value hidden within unstructured multimedia interactions and provide decision-makers with the necessary insights into their marketplace and customer base. The contact center is ideally placed to help them improve business processes, enhance sales effectiveness and increase productivity.

IP Contact Center is the next-generation in self-service applications with live agent assistance to provide the greatest flexibility and features when responding to customers’ contacts by phone, e-mail, fax, or the Web.

Our Technologies leverages existing investments with an open Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based framework that allows contact centers to benefit from the synergy between the Our Technologies best solutions.

Our system has characteristics, such open architecture, flexible, expandable, and reliable.

Smart Management

Smart Management provides an innovative solution to manage contact centers and drive business performance across the enterprise, enabling organizations to run their business in an insightful and proactive manner and take action at the right time. Smart Management places the contact center at the heart of the enterprise. With Smart Management contact centers gain a single view of their business, improve efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service, and better align their objectives with the enterprise. Among a range of key business benefits, organizations are able to share best practices, gather competitive intelligence, better up-sell and cross-sell, improve first call resolution, adjust business processes and increase customer retention.

Smart Management offers:

  1. A new approach to managing the business, harnessing interaction analytics and delivering a structured methodology specifically developed for the Contact Center and Enterprise market by domain experts.
  2. A powerful solution that provides a holistic view of the business with insights into market dynamics and customer behavior.
  3. A state-of-the-art architecture, powered by the emerging Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), enabling maximum information sharing and synergy between the different Smart Center components, as well as any other external SOA-based applications.

Business users and executives across all industries can now benefit from the synergy between the entire spectrum of Smart Management best solutions – quality, workforce and performance management, interaction analytics, compliance, coaching, and customer feedback.

Smart management Delivers:

  1. A single view of the contact center by consolidating data across the organization and delivering consistent information to sites, regions and groups
  2. The right information to the right people, at the right time
  3. Advanced interaction analytics tools to understand customer intent and predict trends and behavior
  4. Root cause analysis by focusing on the meaningful interactions thus shortening the time for corrective action
  5. KPI-based management to center employees on clear objectives and align the contact center with enterprise goals